Brand New Hosting Plans!

We have new hosting plans starting in the $5.00 price range! Our plans come equipped with the latest top-of-line plugins, and 24/7 support! Scroll down the page to see our main three plans, and see which one suits you the most.

In Recent News

  • New Website Design!
    We have a brand new website, so click around and see what we offer!

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  • Palace Panel Updated!

    We have a couple of new palace control panel modules (Plugin Management, Plugall Editor, Website Manager, and more!)

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Billing Information

Proceed to 2CO/Paypal

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*Palace server will not be set up until full payment is received. If you are paying by mail, we must received the payment first, then your palace will be installed and you will be contacted by email at that time.

**Palace server will not be set up until the trial offer is complete and we receive confirmation from Trial Pay. Once the money from trial pay is received we will install your palace and contact you by email. Once the money from Trial Pay is used up, depending on what plan and trial offer you choose, you will have to start making payments or do another trial offer. If payment is not continued after it runs out your server will be shut down.