Scripts, Scripts, Scripts

For Every Palace

Door Stuff

Room Stuff

 Allscray  Animation  Dimroom
 Clearlooseprops  Doorlocks  Gotoroom
 ICameFrom  Mouseovers  ISGOD/ISWIZARD
 'list  Setpicloc  Password
 Signon 'page  Setspotstates  USERNAME
 Dropzones  Disappearing Doors



Behavior Scripts

 Donprop  Jukeboxes  Badword Scripts
 Dropprop  Midis  No Whisper
 Dump  MP3 Stuff  Pinroom
 PropGenerators  Sounds  Clear Gate
 Hasprop  Quiet Gate
 Offer/Accept  Delay
 Prop Stuff

User Scripts

Misc. Scripts

Quest/Game Help

 BRB  Chatterbox  No Back Arrow
 Cuddle  Elevator/Slide  Numclicks
 Glide  Korn Talk  Counters
 Make a Room  Messy
 Ratbutt  Randoms
 Balloon Stuff  Letters for the lips script

Helper Scripts

Server Help


 NETGOTO  Setrank  Alarms
 MAILTO  Tour Rooms  Arrays
 Plugins  DEF and EXEC
 Making a simple Proproom  Messages Defined
 Adding refresh for proprooms  Inspot
 Animating pics explained  Iptversion
 Handlers Explained
 Iptscrae Code Limitations
 What is a Cyborg?
 Bar Script Explained